Tennessee Addiction Treatment Programs

Cumberland Heights has been transforming lives since 1966.

Trusted and Accredited

"When I arrived at Cumberland Heights, I thought my life was over and three months was a lifetime. But after three months, I now have a lifetime!"
Jacqueline J.
Cumberland Heights Alumni
"No other facility in this state, and few others in this country, provide the high-quality comprehensive residential treatment care patients receive at Cumberland Heights."
Eddie B.
Retired Treasurer AFL-CIO Tennessee

Our programs have saved thousands from addiction. Break the cycle today.

Recovery is Right Around the Corner

Our inpatient programs at Cumberland Heights are offered at our 177-acre campus located right outside Nashville, TN. Cumberland Heights offers expert detoxification and medical care, psychosocial therapies, exceptional dining meals and services, as well as spiritual, expressive and recreational therapies.

Customizable Care Options


Safely recover from withdrawal symptoms with medically supervised detox.


A flexible approach to treatment that works with your schedule.


Gender-specific groups, housing, mental health care and treatment

Long-Term Treatment

Receive support for years to come. We offer case management to every client.

Find healing at a top Tennessee treatment program.

In-Network with Most Insurances

Cumberland Heights accepts a variety of insurances to make treatment accessible and affordable.

Treating Substance Use Disorders

Cumberland Heights provides unparalleled care to those struggling with any type of addiction. Whether you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, you can rest assured that our well-trained staff will provide the very best treatment possible. We lay the groundwork for lifelong recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

Family Program

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Healing for the Entire Family

“I wish I could give this campus more than 5 stars. My son was in treatment there, and it was a phenomenal experience.

From the environment, to the campus, to the staff, chapel services, aftercare, right down to the food, it was a positive experience that brought peace and education during such a horrible time in our lives.

We still feel like family and know we have resources available to help us all cope.”

Family Testimonial