Proven Addiction Treatment Programs

We transform lives, giving hope and healing to those affected by alcohol or drug addiction.

"When I arrived at Cumberland Heights, I thought my life was over and three months was a lifetime. But after three months, I now have a lifetime!"
Jacqueline J.
Cumberland Heights Alumni
"No other facility in this state, and few others in this country, provide the high-quality comprehensive residential treatment care patients receive at Cumberland Heights."
Eddie B.
Retired Treasurer AFL-CIO Tennessee

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Levels of Care




Long-Term Care

Our programs have saved thousands from addiction. Break the cycle today.

A Proven Approach to Treatment

The programs at Cumberland Heights are offered at our 177-acre campus located right outside Nashville, TN. Cumberland Heights offers expert detoxification and medical care, psychosocial therapies, exceptional dining meals and services, as well as spiritual, expressive and recreational therapies.

We Accept Insurance

Cumberland Heights accepts a variety of insurances to make treatment accessible and affordable.


Women's Program

Care for women who have experienced addiction and trauma.

Dual Diagnosis

Help for those dealing with co-occurring mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

Men's Treatment

Men's-only groups, housing, mental health care and treatment.

Medication-Assisted Therapy

Our "Safe Start" program is helpful for those overcoming an opioid addiction.

Long-Term Recovery is Possible

Many of those on our clinical team have 10 or more years of experience in recovery care. With a proven track record of excellent outcomes and affordable treatment, the Cumberland Heights team has created a safe space to recover for life.

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