Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment


Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

By: Cumberland Heights

Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

Your grades in high school were always a little on the low side. You never really knew why — you studied a lot and tried to pay attention in class, but most of the time things just didn’t stick. You worked hard, though, and got into a pretty good college, and you’ve been working hard there, too. Then, just before your sophomore final exams, your roommate got some Adderall and asked if you wanted any. They said it was great for helping you focus when you needed to cram for a test or write a paper.

Just this one time, you thought — but then, when you took the pill, it felt like a whole new world had opened up. You flew through your 10-page essay; not only was it suddenly so much easier to write, but for once you were fascinated by that boring history topic your professor assigned. Maybe you’ve had ADD this whole time, you think. Should you go to the school’s health center and talk to them about it? Then you might have to admit that you took Adderall, though. And you’d have to tell your parents, who you’ve heard talking about how they think society is overmedicated, blah blah blah. So you get the number of your roommate’s dealer instead. And it’s awesome — your grades are improving, you’re sleeping more because you’re spending less time on your assignments, and you feel happier and friendlier when you take it before you go to parties. 

Then your dealer moves out of state. You ask around, and someone says they know a guy who might have something. But when you text him, he says all he’s got is some crystal meth — which freaks you out at first, but he can put it in a pill capsule, and he says it’s an amphetamine which is basically Adderall. It’s more expensive, but you haven’t had any Adderall in a few days, and you’re starting to feel sort of anxious and sick, so you go for it. And just like the first time you took Adderall, you feel like a whole new world has opened up. 

Crystal meth addiction brings to mind a stereotypical “addict” — someone who looks unkempt, too thin and desperate for drugs. Meth is synonymous with serious drug use; people who are addicted to meth have probably abused a lot of drugs, and have probably been using meth for a long time. But meth abuse is more common than you might think, and it can happen to people who didn’t intend to use hard drugs just for thrills. But no matter what the reasoning for using meth, once the first step toward meth use is taken it’s very difficult to turn back. Crystal meth creates intense cravings, and over time, physical dependence can compromise your ability to stop using the drug voluntarily. That’s why receiving crystal meth treatment through an accredited chemical dependency treatment center is so vital. If you are using meth or you think that a loved one might be, you should reach out for professional help right away.

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