Aftercare is a FREE service provided to all former patients and family members to attend for life and is offered weekly at several convenient locations!

Recovery doesn’t end when a treatment program is completed. Substance use disorders are understood to be chronic illnesses rather than ones with a one-time cure. For people who are in recovery, this simply means they must be prepared to monitor and manage addiction through ongoing engagement in recovery-related activities. For some, sticking to healthy hobbies and habits is enough to stay on track; but research shows that the best way to avoid relapse is to attend regular meetings, therapy sessions or other part-time support groups.

At Cumberland Heights, we are proud of the community that we establish with every set of clients. We know that when people come through our programs, they create a one-of-a-kind bond and become familiar with the particular brand of recovery that we provide. Many of our alumni want to continue as part of this unique group of individuals and find it helpful to keep in touch throughout their lifelong recovery journey. One of the ways we accomplish this while providing the kind of support necessary for long-term recovery is through our Aftercare program.

The Alumni Aftercare Program

The Alumni Aftercare program at Cumberland Heights is an ongoing support network for previous patients as well as family members. Once a patient has been discharged from residential or outpatient treatment with us, they will be recommended to attend Aftercare each week for a minimum of one year, though meetings are open free of charge to alumni for life. Many Aftercare participants continue to attend meetings for much longer than one year, as the group becomes a solid component in their recovery routine. The comfort and calm that comes from being surrounded by people who have been through the same program is often a relief during the transition from full-time care to independent life, and during times of stress even years after program completion.

The goal of Aftercare is to foster and encourage accountability, identify and arrest relapse symptoms and nurture long-term recovery. These meetings provide a safe space for our alumni to gather, talk about their experiences, share their recent successes or worries and work together to provide support for one another at all stages of recovery. Aftercare is a free service provided to all former patients and family members to attend for life, and is offered weekly at several convenient locations across the state of Tennessee.

We do emphasize that our Aftercare program is not a substitute for AA, NA, CA, Al-Anon or other 12-Step groups. We utilize elements of 12-Step programming in our residential and outpatient treatment because we believe in the power of incremental, goal-oriented recovery, but our Aftercare is proprietary and designed to serve as a space of connection for Cumberland Heights alumni. We encourage our Aftercare participants to also find a 12-Step group in their area and attend these meetings alongside our Aftercare groups; they offer different types of support that benefit recovery in different ways.

Aftercare Groups & Schedules Around Tennessee

While many of our in-person alumni events are based at our campus outside of Tennessee, we know that not all of our alumni are local — so our aftercare meetings are available in 10 different locations across the state. We have over 50 weekly aftercare meetings available depending on your location and your schedule. We feel Aftercare is a vital part of long-term sobriety, so we do our best to make it available to you at your convenience; we don’t want it to be difficult for you to find a group of supportive people in your community. To learn more about our aftercare schedules, click on one of the locations below to get all the information you’ll need. We’ll see you soon!

Other Alumni Programming

We offer a range of other alumni-oriented programs to stay in touch with our graduates, their families and the broader recovery community in Tennessee. Learn more about each of these offerings:

  • Recovery Care Advocacy
  • Alumni Association
  • Alumni Relations Events
Recovery Care Advocacy
Recovery Care Advocacy
Alumni Relations of Cumberland Heights
Alumni Relations of Cumberland Heights
Alumni Aftercare Groups & Schedule
Alumni Aftercare Groups & Schedule
The Alumni Association of Cumberland Heights
Alumni Events
Alumni Association of Cumberland Heights
Alumni Association of Cumberland Heights
Studies have shown accountability with a continuing care plan, sober fellowship, family involvement and extended support serve as the cornerstone for long-term recovery.

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