Young Adult Services

The Young Adult Program

We help young men identify their strengths and set goals for recovery while helping them process life's consequences and unmanageability.
We help young men identify their strengths and set goals for recovery.

In recent years, young adults, ages 18 – 25, have sought treatment for addiction in increasing numbers. Whereas patients well into adulthood often suffer from a damaged marriage or lost hope, younger patients experience what some refer to as a “failure to launch.” Most young adult addictions prevent them from reaching milestones such as college, careers or a healthy relationship.

Cumberland Heights’ Young Adult Program is a 12 Step based, gender specific recovery program for emerging adults ages 18 to 25 who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. The program is made up of an interdisciplinary clinical team of professionals specialized in working with addiction, emerging adults and collegiate recovery communities. Our experienced staff implements a comprehensive education on the disease of addiction and an understanding of the obstacles to recovery through group and individual therapy, 12 Step meetings and family therapy.

A focus on learning to manage emotions and interact effectively with peers in a caring, yet challenging community, is the core of helping this age group form a strong recovery identity.

Because many of our patients are currently seeking a secondary education we work closely with educational institutions to help patients resume their college careers, and lend the support necessary to stay sober in these challenging environments.

Most importantly, we help young men identify their strengths and set goals for recovery while helping them process life’s consequences and unmanageability.

Program Specifics

Our treatment model consists of a multi-faceted approach, understanding that connecting and relating to the male adolescent can be a challenge, but essential for positive outcomes.

Recovery Care Advocacy

Alcohol and drug addiction is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease. Studies have shown accountability with a continuing care plan, sober fellowship, family involvement and extended support serve as the cornerstone for long-term recovery. Recovery Care Advocacy at Cumberland Heights is a service provided to all our alumni through their first year of recovery after completing a treatment program at Cumberland Heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are honored to be of service to you and your loved one. We understand that this is a sensitive time and we congratulate you for taking the first step into recovery by reaching out for help. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions for your reference.

Adolescent Services at Cumberland Heights - The developing brains of teenage boys are more susceptible to alcohol and drugs than those of adults
Adolescent Services
In recent years, young adults have sought treatment for addiction in increasing numbers
Young Adult Services
When Cumberland Heights opened its doors in 1966, our Men's Program was among the first of its kind providing men a new and rewarding life in recovery from addiction.
Adult Men’s Services
The Women's Program at Cumberland Heights responds to the specific needs of women by keeping the patient's relationship with herself and others at the heart of the program.
Adult Women’s Services
Family & Children Services
Cumberland Heights is not only a treatment center, but a recovery community. With an abstinence based recovery lifestyle rooted in the principles of the 12 Steps, individuals can and do achieve life-long remission.

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