Empathy in Addiction Recovery
18 Nov 2019

Why Empathy is Important to Addiction Treatment

Put simply, empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes, or to understand their emotional state. It is the foundation of all successful relationships, whether personal or professional. If you cannot imagine how another person is feeling in a given situation, you are at a significant...

Gratitude: The Power to Transform
17 Nov 2019

Sunday Sermon: Gratitude: The Power to Transform

Sunday Sermon: Gratitude: The Power to Transform November 17, 2019 In a season of giving thanks, we take time to focus on the spiritual practice of gratitude and it's ability to transform our minds, our lives, and our recovery. This message describes how gratitude can actually change our perspective in...

Stay Sober After Rehab Cumberland Heights
13 Nov 2019

How to Stay Sober After Rehab

Recovery is an ongoing process – it doesn’t end after addiction treatment. This moment of transition, from a supportive sober environment to one’s daily routine, can present difficulties for those new to recovery. While individuals may feel happy to return home, they may also feel apprehensive about what their...

Paranoia and Substance Use
4 Nov 2019

The Relationship Between Addiction and Paranoia

What is Paranoia? Paranoia is a thought process that causes irrational suspicion or mistrust of other people. Individuals who are paranoid may report feelings of persecution; in other words, they feel as if someone (or something) is out to get them. These delusions are not based in reality, although those...

Sunday Sermon: The Practice of Sabbath
3 Nov 2019

Sunday Sermon: The Practice of Sabbath

Sunday Sermon: The Practice of Sabbath November 3, 2019 This week, our spiritual message takes a look at the practice of sabbath day, a day set aside for rest, in both the Jewish and Christian religions. We are asked to consider how holy, set aside time, to rest in both...

28 Oct 2019

Is Self-Care Selfish?

What is Self-Care? As you pursue a life in recovery, you have to rediscover what it means to take care of yourself. For many people, self-care seems like a selfish extravagance – instead of making time for relaxation and maintenance activities, they look outwards. Unfortunately, when you feel the need to...

What to Do When Your Child is Addicted
22 Oct 2019

What to Do When Your Child is Addicted

Every parent wants the best for their child. You take them to school, put band-aids on scraped knees and help them through life’s challenges. By showering your child with care and love, you set them up for success, all while hoping that nothing bad will ever happen to them. Unfortunately,...

Sunday Sermon: The Promise of Freedom, Part 3
20 Oct 2019

Sunday Sermon: The Promise of Freedom, Part 3

Sunday Sermon: The Promise of Freedom, Part 3 October 20, 2019 The Promise of Freedom, Part 3: Once we take the first step in recovery, admitting our powerlessness over our addiction and the unmanageability of our lives, we ask for help and become free from the substance. What remains are the...

18 Oct 2019

Thank You Sesame Street

Who doesn’t have memories of Big Bird singing to them through the TV screen as they sat pretzel-legged on their living room carpet? Or Oscar the Grouch grumbling from the garbage can as they munched on a peanut butter sandwich? For more than 50 years Sesame Street has been bringing...

Meth Addictive
16 Oct 2019

What Makes Meth So Addictive?

Methamphetamine, often shortened to “meth,” is a widely available illicit substance with a high addictive potential. In some parts of the United States, meth addiction exceeds the rates for addiction to both cocaine and heroin. This condition is debilitating, but recovery is possible. Today, we examine the addictive properties...

Peaceful scene
9 Oct 2019

Addiction is an Equal Opportunity Disease

*This blog was written by a man who completed 30 days of inpatient treatment over the summer of 2019. He wanted to share how those few weeks dramatically changed his life.  I recently spent 30 days at Cumberland Heights in the men’s program. I’d never been to a recovery facility...

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