2 Jan 2015

Cumberland Heights Blog: One Day at a Time

**Audio of Service** Cumberland Heights Sunday Service: This program is about one day at time, learning to let a little more of that shame melt away into the care of God. It is ok to embrace God's gift of joy in a difficult time. It is acceptable to laugh, to smile,...

24 Dec 2014

Cumberland Heights Blog: The 24 Hour Surrender Coin

24 Hour "surrender coin", a symbolic commitment to change from old behaviors and the beginning of a new journey to end the suffering and downward spiral of destruction and death by alcohol and addiction. The leaves on the "tree of life" in the background are covered with the names...

22 Dec 2014

Cumberland Heights and Thistle Farms

This Christmas Cumberland Heights is helping Thistle Farms. We are taking up donations for their stocking stuffer harvest.  This is to support women in the Magdalene Community. Women that are in Recovery themselves and to give them a nice gift. Giving back to the community is part of the...

Holidays: Triggers to Watch Out for This Holiday Season
15 Dec 2014

The Holiday Season

The Holidays When I went into treatment on Monday, December 18th over thirty-five years ago, I thought my life was over. It was like the very thing that I'd been trying to outrun all of my life, finally came crashing in. It being during the holidays, it seemed like the worst...

12 Dec 2014

The Holiday Season

**Audio of Service** As our journey into this holiday season continues, we are invited to go deeper. Let us turn from those things, those paths that are not of God, and open our hearts, minds, and spirit. Let us give our lives to gently loving others so that they may...

8 Dec 2014

Are you carrying the message of the 12th Step?

The 12 Steps "The 12th step in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous is truly  magnificent. In one sentence, and two phrases, it gives us, not only guidance in stopping drinking, but a guide to living a more useful and peaceful life. My parents did a good enough job trying to...

19 Nov 2014

What we expect is most often what we see

**Audio of Service** What we expect is most often what we see. The same is true of our expectations of God. If we hold a stern, judgmental, punishing picture of God are we really able to trust God enough to turn our life and will over to that power greater...

14 Nov 2014

How Do You Practice Your Prayer & Meditation?

  Step 11 of The 12 Steps   We are celebrating the 11th Step during November, Tell us how you practice your prayer and meditation. What has worked for you, what hasn't worked? We asked some of our staff members who work in our Men's Program to share their thoughts. (Morning) 3rd Step Prayer God,...

29 Oct 2014

Sunday Service October 29, 2014

**Audio of Service** It is so easy to hold the grudges, the resentments, the self-righteous air. It is easy to believe in our unwillingness to let go that we are somehow settling the score. We need our relationship with the God of our understanding to give us the eyes to...

12 Oct 2014

Worship in Pink Sunday

**Audio of Service** We are not always free to determine WHAT happens to us, but we are relatively free to choose how we will respond to whatever happens. In those difficult situations in life, we all have the choice of what we will maximize and what we will minimize. The person...

7 Oct 2014

How has the 10th Step Changed Your Daily Life?

October is the 10th month, so we are spotlighting the 10th Step of Alcoholics Anonymous. Share with us how the 10th Step has changed your life. "Every evening before I close my eyes, I take a personal inventory of my day and ask myself if I have harmed others in...

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