19 Jan 2020

Sunday Sermon: What’s in Your Hands?

Sunday Sermon: What’s in Your Hands? January 19, 2020 In his video “Shells,” contemporary theologian Rob Bell tells the story of his son failing to grab onto a starfish he really wants because his hands are full of shells he has been picking up off of the beach.  Rob asks us...

Recovery Care Advocacy
15 Jan 2020

Who Needs Recovery Care Advocacy?

Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease, and it isn’t beaten overnight. For this reason, recovery is an ongoing process requiring support that extends long past your initial 30-day inpatient program. Research shows that the longer an individual spends in treatment, the more likely that person is to maintain their...

Spirituality in Recovery
6 Jan 2020

How Spirituality Informs Addiction Treatment

From the earliest days of mankind, spirituality has served as a search for meaning and understanding. It helped our ancestors to explain natural disasters, motivate communities and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It shouldn’t be surprising that spirituality remains integral to our daily lives, especially for those in recovery –...

women walking on serenity trail
6 Jan 2020

How Addiction Treatment Has Changed in the Last Decade

It’s hard to believe some of us were alive during a time when addiction was still considered a moral failing. Doctors didn’t recognize addiction as a disease until 1956, and even then, many people were skeptical. The addiction treatment field has come a long way since, and we continue...

Sobriety in the New Year
3 Jan 2020

New Year, New You | Finding Sobriety in 2020

Pursuing Sobriety The new year is always a time of promise and change – it’s when we reflect on the past several months and how we feel about them. It’s also an opportunity to look ahead and seize the chance for growth. If you’ve conducted a personal inventory, you may...

Cumberland Heights Sunday Sermon - Meaning-making through Perseverance
29 Dec 2019

Sunday Sermon: Meaning-making through Perseverance

Sunday Sermon: Meaning-making through Perseverance December 29, 2019 Sunday Sermon: Meaning-making through Perseverance Why do we suffer and struggle? Why do bad things happen? We all go through things in our lives that force us to ask these questions of ourselves, others, and our God. In this message, we...

Am I An Addict?
16 Dec 2019

Am I An Addict?

"Am I an addict?" is an extremely common question for those who find themselves behaving differently or making uncharacteristic choices in the name of drugs and alcohol. Individuals who prioritized academic success above all else may find themselves struggling to perform at school. Supportive parents may begin missing recitals,...

Sunday Sermon: Finding Joy in What is to Come
15 Dec 2019

Sunday Sermon: Finding Joy in What is to Come

Sunday Sermon: Finding Joy in What is to Come December 15, 2019 Sunday Sermon: Finding Joy in What is to Come As we mark the halfway point of the Christmas/advent season, we light a special pink candle to emphasis the spiritual principle of joy. In this message, we share about how difficult...

Protect Your Sobriety Over the Holidays
10 Dec 2019

5 Ways to Safeguard Your Sobriety During the Holidays

The Challenges of the Holidays For some, the holidays are a carefree time spent celebrating and relaxing with loved ones. For those in early recovery, the pressures of seemingly endless parties and dinners present an obstacle to sustained sobriety. Catalysts for cravings can appear anywhere – reunions with old drinking buddies,...

Experiential Therapy Sand Tray
6 Dec 2019

The Value of Experiential Therapy

What is Experiential Therapy? Rooted in Rogerian empathy ("person-centered" psychotherapy), this therapeutic technique utilizes tools and activities to allow participants to re-experience and re-enact emotional situations. Experiential therapy is different from traditional talk therapy in that it involves the exploration of complex feelings through external media, not necessarily direct conversation....

Sunday Sermon Advent A Season for Anticipating Change
1 Dec 2019

Sunday Sermon: Advent: A Season for Anticipating Change

Sunday Sermon: Advent: A Season for Anticipating Change December 1, 2019 Advent Candles - Three Purple And One Pink as a Symbol of Faith with Bokeh LightsOn this first Sunday of the Christian season of Advent, we discuss the spiritual concept of hope, and talk about the hope that comes from...

Planning an Intervention
26 Nov 2019

How to Plan an Intervention

Coping with an addicted loved one is an incredibly challenging task. Addiction is fueled by secrecy and deception. Often, family members and friends enable drug and alcohol misuse by allowing substance use to be an “open secret” – everyone has an idea of what’s going on, but no one discusses...

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