Sunday Sermon: The Rich Young Man
3 Jun 2020

We Are People Who Would Normally Not Mix

Everyone has a specific narrative that they have lived through. No matter what your economic background, race, religion, politics or social demographic is, each one of us has experienced a wide range of the human experience. Happiness, joy, pleasure, fear, shame, guilt, hatred or love, we are all human....

working from home
29 May 2020

Working from Home | How to Thrive in Self-Quarantine

Working from Home Just a few months ago, working from home was the exception to the rule. Today, just over half of employed Americans have begun to work remotely in response to COVID-19. Zapier conducted a survey in partnership with The Harris Poll and gathered some valuable insights about how...

22 May 2020

Telehealth Services Expand in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

The novel coronavirus has required many adaptations from businesses and individuals alike. Social distancing guidelines resulted in the closure of offices, the cancellation of therapy sessions and the cessation of group meetings. For those in recovery, this initially presented a large obstacle: how could these people still access much-needed...

Masks by Alison
19 May 2020

Handmade Masks Bring CH Family Closer Together

Standing six feet apart, wearing masks over our smiles and seeing loved ones on screens rather than in person has certainly made many of us feel disconnected. At least it did in the beginning. But as we learn and grow together during this pandemic, many of us are finding...

good news during COVID-19
15 May 2020

Brighten Your Day: Good News During COVID-19

Finding the Silver Lining During Self-Quarantine Top officials have called the outbreak of the novel coronavirus the worst public health crisis in a generation. The United States and other nations have taken drastic steps to halt the virus’s spread, including the closure of public spaces and the implementation of “Safer...

Mental Health Month
8 May 2020

May is Mental Health Month: How to Find Peace and Reduce Stress

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has been incredibly stressful for people all around the world. As concerns about our safety, employment and sobriety bubble to the surface, it’s important to be especially mindful of our emotional well-being. Each May, we observe Mental Health Month, which reminds us to...

21 Apr 2020

Remembering Tim Tull

The Cumberland Heights family is reflecting on the life and legacy of a man who meant a lot to our recovery community over the years. Tim Tull, former Chief Financial Officer passed away April 7, 2020 at the age of 66.

care for yourself during COVID-19
17 Apr 2020

10 Ways to Care for Yourself During COVID-19

Care for Yourself During COVID-19 Coronavirus has completely turned our world upside down. Constant streams of news coverage and federal updates fill television time slots and social media feeds, and it’s probably been quite some time since you’ve left the house for anything other than a grocery run. Particularly for...

10 Apr 2020

Sunday Sermon: Easter Service

Please join our online Easter Service Easter Sunday, April 12 at 6pm Message - Spiritual Director Stan Bumgarner Special Music - Kim Parent Easter Sunday, April 12 at 6pm Live on Cumberland Heights Facebook Page Click Here to Join Cumberland Heights' Online Easter Service  

10 Apr 2020

A Design for Living: Staying SOBER | Practices for a Pandemic

Avoid Relapse During the COVID-19 Pandemic With the increased fear and anxiety around the pandemic, the abrupt move to being homebound or the extra-long hours of essential workers, added to the disruption in our normal face-to-face 12-Step meetings, many of us are feeling shaky. You may, as I have, heard...

Coronavirus Anxiety
2 Apr 2020

Novel Coronavirus Anxiety? It Might be Time to H.A.L.T.

Dealing with Coronavirus Anxiety These days everyone is feeling a little (or a lot) anxious. For those of us who are also managing our daily recovery from another life-threatening disease — addiction – the anxiety can feel like a double whammy. Add to that the isolation some of us feel...

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